3 Things to Consider When Buying Gothic Jewellery as a Gift

Gothic jewellery can be a great gift for someone who loves the gothic style, as they can keep it and wear it forever. This article explains three things you should consider to choose the perfect piece.

Think about Their Sense of Style

If you're considering buying gothic jewellery as a gift for your loved one, it's very likely that they already have a gothic style. However, there's a wide range of gothic jewellery available, so it's worth thinking about their personal sense of style before you choose something. Think about what jewellery they wear. Do they love big necklaces, or do they like to wear a ring on every finger? What piercings do they have? You might also think about the colours they tend to wear, and any themes or motifs they seem to particularly enjoy. For example, they might always wear a particular stone, love purple jewellery or adore a particular design such as skulls or bats. Whatever the case, evaluating their current style is a great way to start choosing something they would love.

Consider Their Finger and Wrist Size

Secondly, you will need to consider whether the piece of jewellery you're choosing will actually fit them. This is especially important for rings, which can be painful if too small or easy to lose if too big. If they know about the gift, you may even be able to ask for their ring size. You could also estimate, but make sure you can swap the gift if it's not right. You should also think about their size for bracelets — they tend to be one size fits all, but if your loved one has particularly thin or thick wrists that may not be the case. Finally, you might consider if the size of a piece fits their frame. You Look Fab describes how as a general rule, people with a smaller frame look better in smaller pieces of jewellery. However, if your loved one likes to wear big jewellery, feel free to break this rule!

Choose Something That Feels Personal

Finally, it's important to pick something personal, as this makes it a great gift. As described above, you should choose something that fits their personal style. However, there are a few things you can do to make a gift even more personal. Consider getting a bracelet or ring engraved with their name or a special saying, or choose something that refers to a special memory. You could also choose a piece that contains their birthstone or a gem that's special to them.

By choosing something that complements their style, fits perfectly and feels personal and special, you can choose a gift that your loved one will love and cherish.