Everything You Need to Know About Ashes Jewellery

One of the most challenging emotional issues to handle is processing the death of a loved one. The sense of loss deepens with the yearning to be close to them again. You might discover that you lack closure and start looking for ways to recapture what you have lost. One of the most therapeutic things you can do to maintain closeness to a lost loved one is getting cremation jewellery. The cremation ceremony does not have to be the last time you say goodbye to a loved one. You can remain with a memoir of them to remind you they are always near. Here is everything you should know about ashes jewellery. 

Understanding Ashes Jewellery 

Ashes jewellery is also called cremation jewellery. The jeweller takes a portion of the ashes from your deceased family member's cremation and incorporates them in their ornament design. You will typically get personalized items that you can wear. Some of the common types include necklaces with a pendant that contains the ashes and also bracelets. You can also get an ashes ring to wear around your finder. You can also get pieces of jewellery made using remnant flowers from the funeral service, locks of their hair and other tokens used for remembrance. 

How Experts Make the Jewellery

One way to make the jewellery is by creating a pendant and filling it with a little portion of the loved one's ashes. Another way is infusing the ashes into the glass, porcelain or other materials used to make the jewellery. After the infusion, the professional shape the item to resemble diamonds, crystals and beads. You can wear them as earrings, bracelets and rings. Some of the jewellery has a hidden interior cavity that holds the ashes.

The History of the Jewellery

The practice of making ornaments from the ashes of a loved one has been around for many centuries. In the past, people would make lockets and rings from the ashes. The family members would wear lockets around their necks and rings on their fingers. The ring would come back engraved with the loved one's name and date of death. Lockets often had a lock of hair. In the present day, you can also have cremation jewellery made after the loss of your pet. 

You should consult an experienced jeweller about ashes jewellery. They can explain their creative process and the options available. Also, you can choose the type which works best for you. With their expertise and experience, you can create and remain with a piece of your loved one forever.  

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